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Intersectionality Now! is my final outcome for this project. As expressed clearly on my blog, feminism quickly became the focus of my research for this brief and I have looked at bringing attention to gender related symbols such as femme, androgyny, and transgender and quotes that promote intersectional feminism. Therefore, I have made a book that brings these two elements together in order to call for feminism to be intersectional, as in today’s society it is so important that equality and diversity is in place, embraced and not ignored, thus ensuring that no individual or group is excluded as this is such a powerful movement, especially in the current political climate. I have a paper book bound by white cotton thread in the top left corner. I initially bound the pages together in a corset pattern so sewed ‘x’ shapes all the way down to make a spine, but this proved rather difficult as some of the papers were very thin and were easily torn so when I bound them quite tightly this caused them to tear free from the thread so I had to bind the book together in this way. This paper was extremely delicate and the laser cutting, particularly on the ones with the symbols carved out of them, were extremely fiddly. This is meant that when it came to pairing them with their counter parts (the paper with a quote laser cut out of it), when turning the pages, I would just treat them as one page because each pair have been treated as one in terms of layout in terms of how the quote fits in perfectly with the shape of their perspective symbol. Although I do not regret the laser cutting as it is, ultimately, the skill that I wanted to develop in this project and feel that I have been very successful in that, I could of however, chosen a slightly more readable font as this one, projecting the digital, harsh, and powerful aesthetic that I was after, did prove quite difficult to read once they were cut with the laser. This I fixed by printing out the text in an amazingly deep violet colour that contrasted with the vibrant pink and classic white incredibly just so the definition of each letter was very clear and also keeping the fact that it had also been laser cut very much at the forefront of the piece. Unfortunately, because of the fragile nature of some of the pages there have been a couple of minor tears in the paper, making one of the pages in particular, quite tactile to handle so you have to be very gentle. However, even though this may have been an unwanted and unexpected element that could be argued as bringing imperfection to my final piece, I also think that it brings a sense of delicacy and the fact that it must be treated with care so that it doesn’t break even further is very much synonymous with the book’s topic, that of intersectional feminism.

Natasha Perkin

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