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When the official Trek The Runway site goes live, Trekstock will have the event as its homepage for a while. This is so that if people are unaware of the event through social media but they visit the Trekstock site, they will immediately be made aware of their latest fundraising event and can look into it further. Both the date of the event and the logo are the fundamental elements to be made clear on Trekstock’s website but below some information is provided about Trek The Runway, as always with the Barbican Conservatory as a beautiful backdrop, with just a brief taste of what the event has to offer as well as our incredible host which is bound to draw countless people to the event. At the bottom of the information is the hashtag for the event, #TrekTheRunway which will be what people can use on social media in order to comment on and find the event as it will be present on all social media accounts. At the very bottom of the webpage is a direct link to the Trek The Runway official site, the Facebook Event, and our Instagram account. This just makes it very clear and easy for the viewer to go forward in whichever way they choose and where they want to find out about Trek The Runway next.

Natasha Perkin

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