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When it came to visualising Trek The Runway, the first thing that came to mind was what the logo would look like. I think that it’s so important to take into consideration what the target audience of Trekstock, young adults, is interested in today and what kinds of things influence them. And with myself being very much part of that demographic it meant that this was a fairly easy thing for me to brainstorm about. One of the main things that sprung to mind was that of the ideology of old versus new. This is how I came to the conclusion to use two fonts – one exuding a young, fun spirit and of course with this generation that meant being part of the Helvetica family, with the other the effortlessly chic font of Didot. Both fonts complement each other incredibly well with both being very strong and demanding to the audience. I thought about which font would house which words but it quickly became clear that ‘TREK’ was obviously the predominant element of the event’s title as it directly links to the charity that is hosting the event, Trekstock. played around with the positioning of the words but I wasn’t a fan of them being very separate to each other so when I made it so that they were just about touching, it just clicked – it looked like a runway. My decision to alter the colour of Trekstock’s blue heart to a green one was purely due to the fact that when I think of trekking I think of nature and nature to me means green. Also, I already had some venues like the Barbican Conservatory in my head and thought that if it were green it would make everything that came next that much more cohesive as a concept. Thinking forward, in terms of visuals that I would produce for both online and offline elements for this event, I had the idea of just removing the slogan and the heart and keeping the all black text, but I also played about with making the word ‘TREK’ a beautiful khaki colour with ‘THE RUNWAY’ remaining black just to highlight on the Trekstock connection even more. The logo for this event is very much in the same layout to Trekstock’s original logo, therefore making their relationship to each other clear. As this is a Trekstock event with the goal the exact same that of Trekstock’s which is ‘YOUGN ADULT CANCER SUPPRT’ keeping the slogan the same was something that I didn’t even give a second thought as this is what we’re trying to achieve here with this fundraising effort.



Natasha Perkin

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