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In order to enhance the event’s platform on social media even more, I thought that the use of a Snapchat filter would be a great idea. Actually, there will be two filters made available by Trek The Runway, with the first design displayed above and the other on the next page. I chose two because it offers up more choice for the user depending on what kind of picture they’re taking. The price for both filters will be £26.69 each making that a total of £53.38 and that covers the green highlight area in the summary image above and on our chosen date. On the image, it does say May 3, 2017 because they don’t allow you order your filters that far ahead in advance so this part of it was just in order to get the overall price and when Snapchat allows we will definitely be ordering it for June 3, 2018.




The filters will be made available on the day and in and around the Barbican, allowing fans to be able to see exclusive BTS footage from models, celebrities, and designers from backstage and while to show is in full swing as everyone involved will be using this to update their fans to Kim Kardashian-West sitting in the front row or designer for Balmain Olivier Rousteing showing you the hair make-up for his models. With everyone using these filters not only to send private snaps to friends and family, uploaded snaps to their stories will reach masses of people, gaining excellent publicity not only for Trek The Runway as an event, but solely for Trekstock as an organisation. This will without a doubt encourage more people to visit the site and donate not just nationally but worldwide – bringing awareness to Trekstock’s efforts, of how they work tirelessly to ensure that no young adult faces cancer alone, on a global scale.

Natasha Perkin

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