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Now, on to the promotional aspect of the event. I’ve made some mock-ups of the online presence Trek The Runway will have. This will come in the form of; the Facebook event, the Instagram account, Snapchat filters, on Trekstock’s website, and finally the official Trek The Runway event site. As you will soon come to see, after seeing all of these pages, they all feature the Trek The Runway logo against the backdrop of the Barbican conservatory. The result of this is something that is sleek, eye-catching and in keeping with the event’s overall aesthetic. So, just focusing on the Trek The Runway official website, it is the home page of the site that can be seen displayed above. When the site goes live, which I should estimate to be about two or three months before the event’s launch, the home page will display the important information ’COMING TO YOUR SCREEN JUNE 2 2018’, meaning the launch date, ‘GET YOUR TICKET HERE’ which once clicked on will take you to the webpage where you can purchase your ticket to gain access to the virtual tent for the show. The fact that we have secured Trekstock brand ambassador and teenage heartthrob, Harry Styles to be the host of the event is also displayed. This will attract a lot of attention – let’s face it, mostly young female attention – but it is sure to gain a lot of publicity for both the charity, the event and Harry Styles. It will also display a countdown until the event launches, thus reminding everyone who visits the site of just how close it is which I think adds a nice touch to the site as its not all just static information. All of the text and colour palette used is in keeping with the Trek The Runway logo, thus maintaining a cohesive design throughout and establishing a strong sense of brand indemnity. The layout of the website itself is synonymous with Trekstock’s official site which strongly links to event to the charity, thus clearly establishing that relationship between host and event. Now for the headings on the site. Once ‘THE EVENT’ is clicked on more information will be displayed about Trek The Runway including the exact time of the launch, and a brief description as to what Trekstock do and why they have decided to put this event on etc. When someone clicks on ‘LOCATION’ it will take you to a page telling you about the venue, the Barbican Conservatory and why we thought it was the right choice for the event, as well as a map of how to get there and travel information such as nearest tube stations etc. ‘WHO’S TREKKING” will tell the viewer what models we have secured. Finally, when ‘SHOP’ is selected, it will take you to the page where you can purchase tickets for the event. At the very top of the webpage there are also links where viewers can ‘Donate’, ‘SIGN UP TO OUR MAILING LIST’ and also visit out social media sites and also Trekstock’s official site, which is represented by the green heart.


Natasha Perkin

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