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Again, I’ve used the same aesthetic as in the Facebook Event, but this time, it’s for bus-stops, billboards, bus ads, flyers and tube stations. These all work to make a very successful and cohesive collection for the poster campaign. I think that design is eye-catching, bold, and captivating demanding the viewer’s attention instantly and I just think the images of the Barbican Conservatory, with their transparency diluted slightly, for the backdrop work beautifully to evoke that warmth and welcoming feeling that we want the audience to feel so that they feel inclined to find out more. An element that is missing from the visuals for the poster campaign however, is that of a main promotional image. Of course, Harry Styles being listed as the host will gain huge public attention amongst the general public stuff happening upon these on the streets of London and a poster campaign will also work to promote the event to people outside of the digital age. And even though that is Trekstock’s target demographic, cancer can affect absolutely anyone regardless age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. so this will ensure awareness of the event and Trekstock amongst a much wider audience. Something that is currently missing from our poster campaign images are feature images. We will do a photoshoot with our models and designers, as well as other women, men and non-binary people, so that we ensure everyone is represented as cancer can affect absolutely anyone so it’s imperative that every demographic is represented. A selection of 4-6 images from the shoot will be selected to be feature images on the posters, as this will communicate the fashion element of the event with the viewers instantly as well as showcasing some of the big names we have acquired for the show. The visuals for the poster campaign that are displayed will be the basis for this poster campaign but this addition will be made once the shoot has been completed.

Natasha Perkin

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