In terms of who’s wearing the clothes, we’ve got a whole host of fantastic models. I know that if we can get a bigtime supermodel, it will all but ensure the success of the fundraiser. With that in mind, our first step will be to secure Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne. This is obviously a big ask, but with Harry Styles as one of your ambassadors, getting him involved and using his contacts will make all of this possible. And with these two amazing, and not to mention extremely well connected women, this rest are sure to follow. On the topic of Harry Styles, I think it would brilliant to capitalise on his position as an ambassador from Trekstock, and asked him to host the fashion show. Not only that but I think it would be amazing if were to perform one of the songs off his upcoming album, which will not only gain publicity for Trekstock but for him as well. A win-win. We also have our eye on rising star, Luka Sabbat who is taking the modelling world by storm. With the models on board that this generation are following all over social media as well as in their work walking for countless designers, covers on high-end fashion magazines as well as their own personal ventures, social media will be a key element to this event. This means that the online presence for Trek The Runway has to be epic – as this is what their target audience is all about – they’re the technology age. In addition, there could also be potential to get in contact with longtime Trekstock supporters and maybe see if they would be interested in trekking the runway so that it really is an event that appeals to everyone and the audience gets to see some of the people that Trekstock has worked so hard to help already, thus showing them how many more the audience can help in the future.


Natasha Perkin

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