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At the intersection of promotion and fundraising lies our Trek the Runway merchandise. This is in the form of both the caps designed by ‘The Trekstock Nine’ as well as our official Trek The Runway merchandise.  For the event, I have created an official Trek the Runway a long sleeve t-shirt and cap. I wanted to stay away from the traditional typical short sleeve t-shirt, as we felt it was overdone. But of course, there’s always room for a little DIY makeover. I chose to do caps because they are young, fun, and something a little bit different. The design of the official merchandise is simple but effective. Featuring the all black ‘TREK THE RUNWAY’ text front and centre, with Trekstock’s original logo just with the slight alteration of making the event’s staple green colour, resulting in a sleek and eye-catching design. I chose for the items to have white as their main colour to fit in with Trekstock’s philosophy of wellness and also mirrors the crispness of Trekstock’s brand and original design. The merchandise is unisex, which was something that I was adamant in implementing as I think cancer affects people void of gender so our merchandise showcases that our products are for everyone, disregarding gender, sexual orientation, race etc. in the grander scheme of things.





Natasha Perkin

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