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A vital part of raising money for this event will be merchandise. Each of ‘The Trekstock Nine’ will design a cap exclusively for Trek The Runway and will sold for £30 each on the event’s official website, available on the ‘SHOP’ page. The designs reflect that of the brands’ identity and are branded with the Trek The Runway logo on the back. On caps that are darker like Alexander Wang’s and Givenchy’s the logo will be altered slightly so that the black text will either be white or the original Trekstock blue so that it is visible on the product. For each brand’s cap, I have created a design that suggests as to the look of what each designer may submit solely based on brand identity and what personally comes to mind when I think of these designers. Alexander Wang. I know that Wang likes to use his name on his designs a lot so I took inspiration from one of his mesh logo tees and used that to represent his brand. Balmain. After the major publicity that they received for their Men’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection for featuring the Bernie Sanders campaign logo with replacing ‘Bernice Sanders’ to ‘Balencaiga’ I felt it would be very fitting due to the current political climate to use this as the design for their cap. Balmain. Balmain sell simple but very popular logo t-shirts with one even saying “DO YOU SPEAK BALMAIN?” so I thought it fitting to but a little twist on that and make this design say “FLUENT IN BALMAIN”. Making the cap khaki ties in perfectly with the brand as it is a recurring colour used in Rousteing’s designs, I would almost go as far to say that it’s one of his signature colours. Givenchy. Their star line was iconic so I thought a white star paired with black faux leather would make for a beautiful monochromatic, elegant yet youthful design.



There will a limited supply with only so many units being made to order by each designer, so it will be encouraged that people sign up to be notified for updates on the event so they will know the minute that they drop so they can get their hands on the one or ones they desire. The nine caps will also be worn by the models in the photoshoot that will appear on the posters for the poster campaign.  Now for the next set of designs for four more of ‘The Trekstock Nine’. Kenzo. It’s notorious tiger decal is a key motif in the Kenzo brand, thus making it obvious that it be featured on the brand’s cap. The neutral colour of the cap compliments the colours used in the image of the tiger amazingly and although it strays away slightly from Kenzo’s usually more loud design patterns, it fits in a bit more with Trektock’s emphasis on wellness and for the line featuring the tiger, a slightly less busy design was in place. Moschino. With everyone still raving about their McDonalds items, I thought the use of the McDonalds red would be great for Moschino’s cap. And being paired with their phrase ‘LOVE MOSCHINO’ was the perfect way to spread the love for this event. Tommy Hilfiger. The Toomy Hilfiger logo is iconic. Everyone knows it, so I thought why not print that on a large scale on the front, sides, and back of the cap. The colours are young, fun, and very striking. Vetements. This might be my favourite cap design. Completely inspired by the iconic hoodie rocked by none other than Kanye West and Bad Gal Rhirhi, this infamous Vetements logo printed in a zingy orange on top of a beautiful burgundy makes for an unbeatable combination.



Yeezy proved to be the hardest to design for just because I think Kanye West’s designs are phenomenal and just gorgeous so I would never want to suggest something that he would produce and ultimately risk doing him a disservice because that would be devastating. Having said that I am very happy with the designs that I have come up with. As you can see, I have made several variations of the cap with the same font, colour, and main print for each cap design but I struggle to decide on one single design to represent Yeezy. The first is just a plain cap with a woodland print from merchandise from his Saint Pablo tour with the others printed with words in his current signature font, Planet Kosmos, in a brilliantly bright orange that contrast amazingly with the background print. The second cap has the word ‘donda’ printed on it, which is the name of West’s mother and also the name of his elusive and exclusive creative company. His mother meant everything to him and his death is something he says was incredibly hard for him to come to terms with as she died from surgery complications so it was very unexpected. West constantly refers to his mother in his songs as well as in his designs. ‘truman, ford, hughes, disney, jobs, west’.  These are the words printed onto the third cap and showcase the words from a speech West did at the MTV VMAs last year where he spoke about how his role models influence him every day. “My friend told me, ‘There are three keys to keeping people impoverished: taking away their esteem, taking away their resources, and taking away their role models.’ My role models are artist-merchants. Less than 10 I can name in history. Truman, Ford, Hughes, Disney, Jobs, West.” Here he attributes these five men to be his role models, with himself being the last. That Kanye West for you. The last cap design displays ‘77’ printed onto the woodland base which is the year that West was born (1977). It has long been a trend to have clothing that displays a certain year to represent when a brand was established or like in this case, to mark the year of someone’s birth so I thought it interesting to use this an option. I decided on the second cap with the woodland print with the word ‘donda’ on it as it holds a strong sentiment with West both personally and creatively.




Natasha Perkin

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