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This is the lookbook for Trek The Runway. This will be an online virtual lookbook that will be available on the official Trek The Runway website, although I have had it printed just so you can see how it looks. With the lookbook made up of photographs featuring the official merchandise to be sold for this event, I think that the design, layout, and overall execution of this work is great. Again, it’s followed the same theme as the rest of the branding, with the Barbican conservatory featuring heavily once again on both the front and back cover, also ensuring green maintains our focal colour.  This maintains that cohesive design thus ensuring a strong sense of brand identity for the event. I decided on a white background in keeping with the theme of wellness and the crispness of Trekstock’s usual design and lets the images, and the merchandise, speak for themselves, thus making a very captivating collection of image. Again, I would like to remind you that the merchandise is in fact unisex, so this lookbook serves as just a starting point for further developments to follow. This will be done through the aforementioned photoshoot featuring the models, as well as some longtime supporters of Trekstock and young people affected by cancer that would also feature in the visuals for the poster campaign. But also more simply, we would also need to take some pictures of men, non-binary people, and transgender people wearing the merchandise. The fact that we do this is very important to me. I think it’s imperative when thinking about audience, as it was illuminated to me when I visited the Museum of Transology and in my previous project for Diversity NOW!, that it often goes unnoticed that not everyone is catered to and represented in general, everyday things and that there are definitely huge grey areas when it comes to the fashion industry in terms of lack of representation. But this is slowly getting better and we are starting to see progress being made but we need more and we need it now and I think it would be great for Trekstock to demonstrate that, and for example, with transgender being a very strong example of something that is becoming much more talked about in today’s society it could pave the way for more developments in the industry and the world going forward. Any young person can get cancer – so we want no one to feel excluded from this fundraising effort.


Natasha Perkin

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