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I took these photographs in my back-garden on a sunny day, with a portable photography backdrop, working both facing the sun and by going behind the portable sheet for some shade. This ensured maximum clarity, and also in gave me the best lighting in, surprising, both areas as even when shaded the white sheet still allowed some light to shine through, which made for some amazing images. and As I couldn’t physically feature the nine caps designed by ‘The Trekstock Nine’ I did manage to have the designs for the official Trek The Runway merchandise made. Therefore, for the purposes of this lookbook, as the starting point, the ‘merchandise’ will be represented by the official event products and the ‘people’ will be represented by a young Caucasian female. Taking an array of photographs, I wanted to have as many amazing shots to choose from for the final product as it is imperative that these images embody the Trek The Runway essence and spirit: young, fun, fresh, and captivating.



The shadows cast in these images are absolutely stunning. I love how the cap’s peak makes a shadow across the model’s face, almost acting as a disguise for her but I also love that it is making her identity and her features a bit more ambiguous as it puts the focus instantly on the products in the shot, bring them very much to the forefront of the image as well as great depth. I love the attitude the model is displaying in these images as in all six photographs there is a mixture of sass and toughness and a fun, carefree spirit which embodies the event incredibly well. Switching the cap’s position around showcases the slogan ‘YOUNG ADULT CANCER SUPPORT’ accompanied by the two little green Trekstock hearts to show every aspect of the item. This also allows for a much clearer image, in terms of the model and how her wearing the cap in this way allows us to see her face.  There’s something that is so captivating about the fifth image. Even though it doesn’t really show us either of the products in the best way, I think love the model’s position and the lighting as it creates the most amazing contrast between the white merchandise, the background and the model’s beautiful, blunt dark brown hair. This kind of shot is perfect as it works to break up more of the ‘typical’ images you would expect to see in a lookbook, as obviously, we must have shots where all the words can be seen with absolute clarity. This type of shot brings diversity and versatility to the images as a body of work, making them much stronger as a collective.



Putting the model in simple stonewash Levi jeans and these phenomenal platform sandals was something that I left completely up the model. I wanted her to feel comfortable in what she was wearing but didn’t want her to shy away from expressing her personality. So, the shoes completely showcase her sassy (and a bit wacky) personality as do the jeans but they are also her most comfortable pair of jeans so it was a perfect outfit as they didn’t take away from the merchandise at all but just provided that little pop of colour that separated all the white to make everything come together. I love the composition of all three of these shots as I am a huge fan of shots that have the subject just off centre, really allowing that negative space to make the focal point of the photograph stand out that much more. The final shot is one of my favourites. Even though it isn’t very clear in the print out, the model is wearing the most amazing green coloured eyeliner, and creates the most beautiful line of her lash line, winged to perfection which links incredibly to the two green little hearts around the curve of the cap’s velcro seal. These two elements work so well together as the first element, that of the make-up works to draw you in as it’s so eye-catching, but then instantly makes you look at the heart detail on the cap, thus ultimately putting the focus onto the merchandise. I just the angelic and pure aesthetic of this shot and how it creates an interesting juxtaposition, with most of the images on the previous page as well as the first image displayed above, evoking feelings of power demonstrated through the poses and facial expressions of the model.

Natasha Perkin

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