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Given that the bio of an Instagram account can only have a maximum of 150 characters, I could only include what I deemed to be the most important and relevant information about the event. This was a necessary evil as there is plenty more information out there both on the official Trek The Runway site as well as on the Facebook Event page. Alike the Facebook event the hashtag #TrekTheRunway is in place, as are the two links forwarding you to the official site for the event as well as Trestock’s. The overall aesthetic for the Instagram account is much alike the other online visuals, clean, polished and professional but youthful and fun. The first Instagram post presents the event title, the launch date, again paired with the beautifully scenic backdrop of the event’s location, the Barbican Conservatory, thus following the same aesthetic as used in the previous visuals. The second and the third posts, reveal the two of ‘The Trekstock Nine’, Balmain and Yeezy. I love these three posts, but in particular the ones showcasing Balmain and Yeezy are to die for! I love how they are very much in keeping with the design and brand identity of the event but have that individual flavour that relates specifically to these brands. This is embodied through the text colour and also in altering the background colour of the Barbican Conservatory image. This was done through overlay masks and Photoshop and is an element that I find so captivating and demanding to the audience. Whilst on the topic of ‘The Trekstock Nine’, after the official event site goes live and the countdown begins, every day for nine days one of the nine designers will be revealed to the public. These Instagram posts will also be posted on the Facebook event and also on the homepage of the Trek The Runway website, which will ensure that people stay engaged, marking that they’re ‘interested’ or ‘going’ on our Facebook event or follow our Instagram page so that they keep getting updates. In addition, once all nine have been revealed, profiles on ‘The Trekstock Nine’ will be available on the ‘WHO’S TREKKING’ page on the Trek The Runway website.

Natasha Perkin

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