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When the official Trek The Runway site goes live and the countdown begins, Trekstock will also create an ‘Event’ for Trek The Runway on their Facebook account. Displayed above is the event page. As you can see every single piece of vital information can be seen in the ‘Details’ section. The only difference in the visuals for Trek The Runway with regards to the information displayed in the event picture, I decided to leave off ‘HOSTED BY HARY STYLES’ as I thought that it was important not to overwhelm the image as it is on a much smaller scale than the others. With that being said I came to the conclusion that just the event title and the date of the event should be included in the main picture. The information about the host of our show is listed in the ‘Details’ section, so that information is definitely received by the viewer upon reading more about the event. Both the event hashtag and the two links to the official Trek The Runway site and Trekstock’s website are printed at the bottom of the description so that the viewer can decide if they want to explore this event further or find out a little more about Trekstock as an organisation. Hopefully, a lot of people will say they’re ‘interested’ if not buy tickets and listing themselves as ‘going’ as well as inviting they’re friends to get more people involved and get them aware of what Trekstock does.

Natasha Perkin

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