Collaborating Brands/The Trekstock Nine


So, we’ve got a location, but who are we going to fill it with? First, let’s talk about the designers. Out of the very long list exhibited on my overall idea page for Trek The Runway, I managed to narrow it down to these final nine brands. Given that Trekstock is a charity for young people, the designers I have selected really reflect that youthful spirit – from Tommy Hilfiger to Alexander Wang. All of ‘The Tresktock Nine’ as I call them, are unique in terms of innovation for design and appealing to the hearts and plastic of the young adult. I think it’s vital to include a number of designer that are on the higher end of fashion – they’re desirable and this will captivate the audience’s attention and make them want to be a part of this.  Not only are these brands desirable but a few have been known to do collaborations, with both Balmain and Kenzo teaming up with H&M to create some truly unforgettable collections – and who knows maybe a few of those pieces will end up on the runway. Also, Yeezy’s brand is in direct collaboration with adidias thus appealing to monster trend that is ‘street style’ and also Tommy Hilfiger’s collaboration with top model Gigi Hadid was a massive success and again gained the attention of Trekstock’s target audience, thus making these carefully selected brands perfect to be part of ‘The Trekstock Nine’. So, what ‘The Trekstock Nine’ will be doing is, they will be responsible for filling the runway with an array of their own designs whether they’ve been taken from a past collection or from several collections past or with them choosing to debut some pieces from they’re upcoming collection at the event – the choice is theirs. This makes it very exciting as the audience physically inside the venue and the spectators online will get a chance to see a mixture of new innovative designs from their favourite brands as well maybe getting a chance to see something from years past that they fell so very much in love with.


Natasha Perkin

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