We were given the budget of £10,000 and as you can I have clearly showed the three main ways that money will be spent. The biggest sum of money will come from the venue of the event, the Barbican Conservatory, with the venue hire costing £3,000. £2,500 to manufacture both the official Trek The Runway cap and long-sleeve tee. This amount was calculated for the order of 250 units, with the caps being priced at £3 per unit and the long-sleeve tees being priced at £7 per unit, meaning that this is a variable that we can change and as a result will obviously effect our costings depending on whether we choose to order more or less further down the line. The last main element that will take money from the budget will be the cost to have both Snapchat filters available on the day of the event, with both of them adding up to £53.38. This makes a grand total of £5,553.38 which leaves us very comfortable to expand on some extras, which can be discussed at a later date. For example, we could make some Trek The Runway packs that could be sent out to each person that purchases their £15 ticket to gain them access to spectacular virtual fashion show, so that they too can showcase from Trekstock items onto their social media along with the event’s hashtag in order to create even more buzz for the event. Given that we have so many high-profile brands collaborating with us I can imagine that there is only so much they’re willing to do for free. With that in mind if this is the case for some, or even all the designers, the revenue made from celebrities paying a fairly big amount of money for a seat at this show will hopefully more than pay for that, as it will be a minimum suggested donation of £5,000 be donated for a seat. And hopefully, people will be willing to give even more to such a great cause. Also, we have the money coming in from both the nine designer caps and the official Trek The Runway merchandise which I predict to generate very high revenue. In addition, further donations will be expected from people who want to get their names entered even more times into that once-in-a-lifetime raffle to win those iconic designer pieces, as well as donations from people who just want to support Trekstock and the amazing work that they do.


Natasha Perkin

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