Sami Hilal

Hilal’s work is exceptional! I love his abilities in terms of craft and how his results entail the most remarkable lines and shapes. My interest in using laser cutting with text has intensified after looking at this work as one of the many ways in which of achieving ‘the look’ I’m after have been realised. Working with materials such as copper filings, thus representing rust decay, only works to make these pieces that much more interesting and captivating. This is due to the fact that Hilal is working into this type of material so it’s putting work on top of something that is made to look worn and to have ‘lived’, in a sense, increases the work he has done in terms of value and intrigue. His work is very 3-dimensional and has great depth to it, both literally, introducing by the many layers that he includes, and metaphorically, through the way in which it makes the viewer think and interpret the message.

Natasha Perkin

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