Louise Bourgeois




Subversion. Subversion is key in any movement. Feminism is no exception. The work of Louise Bourgeois is iconic, staple to feminism as a concept and ideal. It is so important that the work of female artists not only be acknowledged but celebrated in the art world. It has long gone unnoticed that most of art exhibitions around the world showcase art that is predominantly produced by men. In today’s society however, this is being challenged. The Tate strives to make female artists equally heard and the work of this artist is an example of that. This work is very powerful and conveys a strong message that is displayed physically in many different mediums, thus making the artist incredibly accomplished and her talent vital to anyone who wants to know more about feminism. Her work is very delicate and seemingly subtle, however the messages they convey and the feelings that they evoke are very powerful. There is great intimacy in her work that instantly relates to the viewer, drawing them in, creating a deep connection between artist and audience.


Natasha Perkin

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