Omaze is in my opinion one of the best new charities due to its unique ways in fundraising. Founded just 5 years ago in 2012, Omaze has teamed up with countless celebrities and brands in order to raise money for tonnes of not-for-profit organisations through setting up online charity auctions, a.k.a raffles, whereby the public enter donations (which depends on how many times your name is put in the raffle) in order to win. Now whether that’s having dinner with the dashing Idris Elba or being flown out to one of your favourite TV show’s set, or even accompanying stars at their movie premiere – at Omaze this is all possible. Omaze keep 20% of the funding and give the remaining 80% to the perspective charity which is necessary if they wish to continue to maintain this high profile in terms of the brands and celebrity the organisation attracts. As of July 2015, Omaze has offered more than 150 raffles benefiting over 100 charities, receiving donations from over 160 countries. This amount of interaction is outstanding, and given that the prizes and that it is predominantly an online charity means they’re targeting the slightly younger demographic and with social media further promoting the raffles through the brands and celebrities involved only propels Omaze further in terms of popularity and awareness.

Natasha Perkin

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