Tate Modern – Wolfgang Tillmans


Photography exhibitions often feel disparate and difficult to connect with for me. However, Wolfgang Tillmans’ exhibition was a different story. Curated by Tillmans himself and spanning into many different rooms, the positioning of each photograph felt considered and important. From the spatial considerations made about the works to the way they were mounted (using little clips that drew your eyes to the corners of the work, making you appreciate them as art objects), it was clear that Tillmans had a clear goal in putting together this exhibition: making the case for photography being as valid and important an art form as painting. This couldn’t be more clear than in his piece, Greifbar 29. Another element I loved about his exhibition is his use of fake news and essentially using his art to express lies to the audience which made me think of the infamous “alternate facts” that Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, keeps talking about which is just so frustrating and aggravating because it only promotes ignorance and lies. Thus, therefore I think it is so captivating and interesting that Tillmans touched upon that in his work as it is still so relevant at the present. He’s showing just how far you can push photography as an art form, and just how much you can experiment within this creative outlet.


Natasha Perkin

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