Tate Modern – Start


“We live our lives in colour. Each one of us perceives colour differently, and how we react to colours might depends on our eyesight, our mood or where we are from. Artists often use colour to explore their thoughts or feelings or their place in the world. Artists in the 20th and 21st centuries have tried explains the way colour is used, from paint to photography to new materials.” This quote is taken straight from the introduction of the piece at the exhibition. Start displays a collection of artwork all using different techniques, processes, and materials all linked through colour. The main element I found positive about this exhibition was how they made you sometimes question the meaning of ‘art’. However, I see colour as one of the most vital elements of a piece in any creative art form. I love both static and interactive pieces, and I think that the combination of both forms of artwork being present in this display work to make for an incredibly diverse and compelling exhibition, thus making it very captivating. The work Yellow versus Purple, a 2003 piece by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson was one of my favourite pieces. It was the final piece displayed in the exhibition as it not only plays with colour, shape, tone, shadows, but also reflection. Reflection is a focal element that I think is mostly overlooked and underrated. But a reflection allows the viewer to see a mirror image of the subject of the piece, maybe noticing slight differences that seem impossible or notice imperfections that were not first spotted at first glance. However, I love the way it makes you, as a viewer, think about a piece in that it adds another dimension to it, thus adding much more depth and substance.

Natasha Perkin

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