Caitlyn Jenner

The “pussyhat” also excludes transgender women in the fact that those who were not assigned female at birth don’t have “pussys” that allow them to reproduce and some transwomen might not have fully completed the change as the procedures are very expensive and takes time. This is disgusting given how much it seems like we have progressed in today’s society but it fills me with shame to admit that we haven’t actually moved as far as we think or hoped that would have. Still, homophobia and bigotry is still very much in place amongst us and I am deeply saddened that people are so scared and unwilling to accept people as they are and celebrate the strength that comes with people being their true selves. Caitlyn Jenner is probably the most famous transwoman in the world. Born a man, Bruce Jenner, the ‘ultimate’ image of masculinity, winning the decathlon at the Olympics in 1976, the world was shocked when he revealed that since the age of 9 or 10 he knew that he wasn’t truly a man but a woman. With the platform that Jenner stands on, being the ex-husband of Kris Jenner and father to the Kardashians, he stood to achieve an immense amount for the transgender community in terms of encouraging and inspiring people who are struggling to come out and embrace their true selves. Having said that, when Jenner appeared on The Ellen Show in 2015, she shared some views that I found rather odd. When asked about his views on same sex marriage given that she is a Republican and most Republicans would vote against that, she said that when the issue first came up she was “not for it” claiming that she was a “traditionalist” but has since “changed [her] thinking” and is “on board with it”. This confuses me so much as if you identify as a woman, which Bruce did at the time, wouldn’t you believe in same sex marriage? I’m not judging, anyone has the right to believe whatever they want, but I’m just confused as to how she could think that at any time. As Ellen strongly says in response “marriage is marriage and equality is equality” and I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Natasha Perkin

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