Vivienne Westwood in Conversation with Caroline Lucas: Get a Life!

On Friday November 18 of last year, I attended a talk at the Brighton Dome whereby infamous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood spoke about going green and the fragile state that our government and earth is in. To my surprise, Westwood barely touched on the subject of fashion and when it came to the part of the talk where former Green Party MP, Caroline Lucas asked her some of the audience’s questions that were very much fashion related, she would answer them of course but very much go off on a tangent and end up talking about the environment and the rotten financial system again. The rotten financial system was one of Westwood’ s biggest focuses throughout the entire talk and he response to the government and power was so interesting and powerful as she is really striving to achieve a green state for our country because global warming is such a severe problem in our world that we must act now to bring about change. I found her to be very insightful not to mention unbelievably passionate about her cause and her plea of urgency and importance of this issue definitely did not go unnoticed with me and is something that I too feel very strongly about.


Natasha Perkin

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