Ceremony – Saatchi Gallery

Dan Hiller

These pieces by Hiller, ‘Ghost (Gold)’, ‘Undreamt (Gold)’, ‘Undreamt (Gold)’, and ‘Point Digital’ are part of a much larger collection. All using the same style and technique of screen-printing followed by being hand-finished by the artist himself on either 300 or 400gsm Somerset soft-white paper and framed. A beautiful combination of gold and neutral, with black and greyscale tones, these pieces work to connect with the audience spiritually and through the use of intricate detailing, thus introducing great delicacy to the work as well as a calming aesthetic, which is elevated by the images themselves. However there is also an unsettling feeling accompanied by the first piece, through the way in which the man is faceless and instead his face is replaced with trees. This presents a ghostly feeling to the piece, which is strengthened by it being entitled ‘Ghost’, but although I say that it is unsettling its also quite soothing. This is through the way in which the artist has made the image we see so stunning and the trees are almost hypnotic, demanding you to stare into its soul almost. The work of mirroring in the following pieces works to produce very powerful pieces as it brings great depth to the work and forces the viewer to delve further into the message the artist may be trying to send and the feelings they’re trying to evoke.

Natasha Perkin

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