Business Cards

After having the idea to produce business cards for everyone in the Peeled team, and seeing how well the photograph examples of the geo-filters turned out, I decided to turn idea into reality. I modified the design ever so slightly, simply just removing the swirly shape at the top, keeping it at the bottom, and taking the text underneath the logo.

The text on the front of all the business cards state the business with the presence of the logo accompanied by the role each person plays in the team. Each team member submitted an image to me. This would be the shot that would both showcase their work as well as embodying elements that Peeled stands for.


I love how there is a variety of images used. Test shoots, core shoots, landscape shots, beauty shots – all of these work as a collective to give a little taster of what Peeled has been up to and individually display a quick insight into our interests.

The second row of images presents the text that is printed on the back of the business cards. So you will initially be presented with a beautiful image with the magazine’s logo and position of the person, then when you flip it over you then receive further information. Their name, the role they play again (this is so if you weren’t to see the ‘typical’ front of the card and this was the ‘front’ that was presented to you, you would still be able to see everything you need to know), and finally their contact details including their mobile phone number and e-mail address.

Natasha Perkin

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