The Red Sqaure



A ‘red square’ was adopted as a symbol during the 2012 student protests in Quebec, Canada for free education. The idea behind the ‘red square’ was synonymous with the phrase “being squarely in the red”, which we all know refers to being in financial debt. Since then, the red square has progressed to become the symbol for student protest. It is individual to each and every person associated and effected by student fees as anyone can have a red square – all they have to do is cut a square out of red felt and attach it to their clothing. Although it is a very small and seemingly simple object, it has such power and significance in terms of showing your support for this movement in representing the vision of education being a right not a privilege and something that we should all get the chance to have no matter what financial position we are in. The struggle to achieve free education is something that is being fought all over the world and these images displayed above show just a few of the places that are supporting this movement.

Natasha Perkin

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