Spring Breakers


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Spring Breakers is one of my all time favourite movies. Not only is it the latest work of the phenomenal, ingenious director and creative visionary, Harmony Korine, but it’s a film that influenced society in many ways: the good and the bad. Focusing on the popular American pastime known as ‘Spring Break’ the film really had such a strong energy and the clothing used brought that ‘image’ to life and revived a trend we all know too well: neon! Forget about the crazy plot and the Disney stars holding guns, the costumes in this film were truly transformative for the roles of these characters for embodying Spring Break. Upon its release fluorescent started coming back and in a big way. Suddenly it was all about bright coloured shorts, bikinis, dying your hair pink (and various other colours), and mirrored sunglasses were huge! With neon being something very much, well at least for me, reminiscent of the 80s or 90s raves, this was shocking to me as it really shows how much other areas outside of fashion influence fashion without even trying. It even went as far as for the brand Opening Ceremony to release a line dedicated to the film, Spring Breakers, entitled Opening Ceremony X ‘Spring Breakers’ (some of the pieces displayed in the …. Image) launching on March 21 2013 which was an amazing success. Not one trend but two were reignited by Spring Breakers as it also sparked the obsession with unicorns which has become a phenomenon on social media and in the fashion world as many products include slogans and phrases linked to the hopes of being a unicorn which is even more insane!

Natasha Perkin

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