Rebellion: Against the Corrupt System

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The first aspect I have chosen to look at in this field is to focus on protests: in particular student protests. As this is something that I myself am very much involved in as I have taken part in a couple of student protests in London as my sister goes to UCL. UCL has one of the highest rent rates in London and the prices are absolutely ridiculous so when you have that on top of university fees the protest for free education something extremely high on my sister’s list as well as so many others supporting the same movement. The right to education is just that: a right and not a privilege and most of these images represent the student protests, which spark the outcry for change and recognizing corruption. I would say that to viewers the image of the skyscraper in London would seem odd to appear amongst this group of photographs, as like I said most of them are very much focused on student protests, however, this is ultimately about corruption and it is massive corporations were most of the corruption lies, which is something that I find incredibly interesting and infuriating. A couple of these images also shine a light on crime, seen in the “caught red-handed” image, and the spray painted book with a quote said than none other than Kourtney Kardashian (of course) which links to the corrupt justice system and that is something that I am very interested and passionate about and fully intend to explore in this project.

Natasha Perkin

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