Open Borders

The fact that some countries are refusing to let the Syrian refugees through their borders is beyond nothing short of disgusting and disgraceful. I seriously do not understand that, as they had absolutely no other choice as if they were to stay they would be putting their lives at risk. I think that them leaving shows great courage and speaks volumes about how many casualties this civil war has caused. In my opinion, it shouldn’t even be a question it’s this simple: let them in. The most logical step of putting yourself in their shoes should come naturally – we’re all human so we should all help these millions of people that have the bravery to seek a better life and leaving everything they had behind. This is the worst humanitarian crisis of our time and I think making the statement for OPEN BORDERS shows support for the people living this crisis that so many people ignore.



The phenomenal artist Ai Weiwei has an interesting philosophy that he lives by and applies to his work: art is action. In his latest endeavor, he has embarked on the journey with the Syrian refugees as they make their way through the world after being forced out of their home. Ai Weiwei has monopolized on the platform that social media and technology has on society by using Instagram to document his work and the people he has encountered on this journey. The encounters with the law enforcement prove to be very telling and the documentation of the protests and seeing all of the different camps is so compelling as you see people that are actually experiencing this and going through this – having to leave their home. It only makes me that much more grateful and makes me want to be so much conscious about not taking things for granted. From how the media have been known to twist things as they essentially work for the government, makes it that much more important that someone neutral show us the reality of the situation.

Natasha Perkin

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