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My macro trend for the main theme of ‘Rebellion’ was the rebellion against the corrupt system. In today’s society it has become a common ‘trend’ to protest for your beliefs and to stand up against corruption and injustice. In London alone I have attended several protests, mostly for the student loans against the government, where people are no longer afraid to express their feelings on major things that affect our lives in a paramount way but we have no power over as those in ‘power’ decide it for us. These images I have taken and included in my mood boards evoke a sense of urgency and unity in terms of the followers of these causes in a fight against the system that has cheated so many people out of essentials such as education, which is a right not a privilege. But it seems that being ‘privileged’ is the only thing that the Tories care about – helping the rich keep their wealth whereas others not so fortunate who have great potential to succeed are not given the opportunity simply because their bank account doesn’t contain the right amount of zeros at the end of it.


With political issues being very much at the forefront of society at the present with the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the EU Referendum, it is only is only fair that we look upon our government to reflect the views and standpoints of the people instead of entitled suits with an agenda. These are issues that I will go into more depth on as the project progresses as this is something that I definitely want to take into the development of my anti fashion campaign as this is something that I am incredibly passionate about and feel is something that needs to be spoken about on a global scale so that the people can be heard. The decay and the destruction of our belief in the government are mirrored in the textures presented in this mood board, as they are all sharp, in a state of decay, rough and harmful.


It makes me so angry to hear people in my generation saying that they’re going to boycott the EU Referendum election because they hate the government but they don’t see that by doing that the only person that hurts is themselves as this is detrimental to our future and you should take your future in your own hands so you know that you’ve done all that you can to get your opinion to be heard. The rebellion here is simple, we just want the system to hear us and be fair and just which is something that they haven’t been in a very long time and unfortunately not what I see when I envision the future.



Natasha Perkin

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