Keep It In The Ground

Many if not most of the world’s environmental issues including climate change, air pollution, oil spills, and acid rain are derivative from our dependence on fossil fuels. The heat-trapping gases produced through the burning of fossil fuels are the dominant cause of the ongoing increase in the temperature of the global atmosphere. A demand that fossil fuels stop being extracted and burnt are how the term KEEP IT IN THE GROUND has sparked as the slogan for this protest. Climate change is real (I’m agreeing with Leo here) and it is something that is and will continue to effect my generation greatly but even more so for the next generation so it is vital that we fight to make a change that will help better the environment to prolong the earth’s life. So many young people are completely unaware of these environmental issues and how they are destroying our planet but it is so important that more people can learn about these issues, as they will have a huge impact on your life no matter what.


Natasha Perkin

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