Jez We Can

The Labour Party finally has a leader. Jeremy Corbyn has lit a fire under the left wing and his opposition to Cameron’s ridiculous policies is a very powerful force to be reckoned with. Through his many beliefs, for example, that a national education service modeled on the NHS should be established and that state-funded academies and free schools would be forced to return to local authority control while university tuition fess would be scrapped and replaced with grants if he were in power and that we shouldn’t support air strikes against Islamic State in Syria are key reasons why he should be in power. David Cameron has led us down a destructive path and doesn’t care about hearing what the people want, he doesn’t care how this effects the ‘everyday’ people but solely focuses on ways to benefit the 1% which is absolutely infuriating. JEZ WE CAN is a slogan of support for Corbyn as he continues to challenge Cameron’s ‘reforms’ and I fully believe that come the next election it will have a different outcome as I think that right now the faith in the government has been lost as some of the younger generation boycotted voting, but we can afford to not be heard which is why this a luxury that we cannot afford to voluntarily give up.

The decision of whether to leave to European Union is in my opinion a no brainer: stay. Truthfully, I don’t even understand why this question has even been raised and the thought of leaving has even been a consideration to David Cameron. It would cripple our country and the decline in our current economic crisis would decline even further, not to mention how many jobs would be lost and trade that we as a country are dependent on would cease. In my opinion Cameron has really shot himself in the foot with this one as he has raised the prospect and possibility of potentially leaving the EU but then sends leaflets costing £9 million to produce through every letterbox in the UK telling us all the reasons we should stay. Confusing: definitely. Definitely, changes could be made but it is not worth risking the great relationship we have made with fellow countries in the EU, as I don’t think there is really much to be corrected or amended. It is an unnecessary issue but is the first that I can legally vote for so I am very much looking forward to casting my vote to remain in the European Union.


Natasha Perkin

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