Givenchy A/W 2013-2014


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This collection by Ricardo Tisci (Cretaive Director) was meant to be reminiscent of the brand of Givenchy itself but ended up being reminiscent of Tisci himself. The reason for honing in on this particular collection is because of the ‘Bambi’ influence that although only featured lightly in the collection itself, blew up prior to its launch. Disney is something that always seems to be an inspiration to everyone in some way and its constantly being revived in some way but it was how Givenchy revived it in combining it with different images, almost creating a mirage of itself making it an incredibly striking print. This concluded and cemented the fact that Disney will forever to a trend as this type of print was later seen in the stores of many high street brands and many collaborations have been done with other brands including MAC to bring out at least three lines of exclusive products that sell out instantly. It’s not just the use of the classic Disney animated characters to create a feeling of nostalgia but also promoting the new adaptations, making them appeal to the mass market and also keep Disney relevant although I don’t see a time where it will be viewed as irrelevant as it is considered iconic.


Natasha Perkin

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