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From tartan skirts to uttering the phrase ‘AS IF’, Clueless to this day remains such a strong influence in popular culture. The quirky fashion is definitely the key element that has inspired many to embody the wardrobe of Cher or Dione and they impact the film in such a dominating force, putting the film on the map for one to be remembered for years and cross over to multiple generations. Many designers have been inspired by the infamous looks from Clueless making them trends again and again, further cementing them in fashion history as iconic. High street brands have also adopted some of the famous lines from the film and used them for slogan t-shirts which are incredibly popular, showing that it appeals to the markets that target the masses as well as exclusively. This reflects just how much film impacts the trends of society and how much they influence them so effortlessly.


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The Iggy Azalea ‘Fancy’ video took the world by storm, gaining almost 700 million views on YouTube. It’s portrayal of the movie Clueless wasn’t even heard of until the music video launched two years ago and again revitalised the film as a trend. I would almost argue that in terms of linking film to fashion, films almost become a brand in themselves as in this case its definitely one of the key identifiers of the film. Azalea took focal scenes and staple looks from the movie and recreated them which was an excellent move from the artist as it attracted so many people. I like to think of trends as looking into the past, finding that one thing that inspires you and using innovation to make it reborn again, and that’s what I think happens with the relationship between trends and fashion, film and music as they all take from each other in order to project a message with the aim that it resonates with people to gain to most impact.

Natasha Perkin

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