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Sigrid Holmwood

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These three pieces ‘Mother and Child’, ‘The Last Peasant-Painters Peeling Potatoes (Old Woman Mill)’ and ‘Church Boats’ by Holmwood were pieces that immediately caught my attention in the exhibition. This predominantly thanks to the use of media the artist chose to use: fluorescent. This paired with the pieces being reminiscent of the 19th century created such an interesting, and incredibly captivating, juxtaposition, as neon is a trend of the 21st century. Although when you hear ‘neon’ and ‘19th century’ together you would think it as a terribly bad combination but Holmwood has really made this marriage work; they’re a quite a pair. Although I looked at this exhibition in the previous brief, I found that specific artists really stood out for this brief also so thought it important to include my observations and explain the reasons why. It is primarily due to the trend of fluorescent and how the artist looked at an era from the past and paired it with a recent trend to make a very captivating collection.


Suzanne McClelland

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‘Phil ‘The Gift’ and Jay ‘Citus’ (Ideal Proportions), ‘Domestic Terrorist Kerkow’ and ‘ Ideal Proportions: Squeeze – A Winning Hand’ are the pieces by McClelland that I was drew to the most. Focusing on the fact that code, made up of complex algorithms runs absolutely everything in the world and are responsible, even something that seems completely simplistic and mundane proved to be such an interesting concept to me (especially after what I looked at in the previous brief). She uses the canvas in a very unique way and the way she presents her work and her message are very powerful. The almost monochromatic base that each of her pieces have paired with that small yet very strong and dominating touch of colour work harmoniously to captivate the viewer and really highlight focal elements of her work.


Natasha Perkin

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