Black Lives Matter

BLACK LIVES MATTER is an organization and a statement that I believe in. In order to effect change and ensure that we are all equal it is right that these protests take place because no matter what progress has been made when it comes to racism it is absolutely incorrect to say that we live in a world where all races are treated equally – no way. America is the most predominant place where this can be seen in action, which is highly reflected in my research in true crime documentaries (as all of them were American cases) and where the most change needs to avail. The constant discrimination is ridiculous and that is why I have chosen this bold title to show support of the organization and what they strive to achieve in society as if it continues for much longer the already fragile fabric of our world with tear apart in ways I can’t even bear to imagine.


Donald Trump & The Central Park 5


On May 1, 1989 Donald Trump took out a full-page ad in The New York Times to reveal this message: BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING BACK OUR POLICE. With Trump’s heavy influence over society at the time (which has unfortunately seeped through to the present) it was argued by defendants for the Central Park 5 that this inflamed public opinion. Protests were carried out outside Trump Towers in October 2002 with protestors chanting “Trump is a chump” demanding Trump issue an apology to these boys who served years in prison for charges they were exonerated of. After the $40 million settlement was issued to the Central Park 5, Trump wrote an editorial for the New York Daily News stating that the settlement was “a disgrace” and insisting that the group’s guilt was still likely: “Settling doesn’t mean innocence … Speak to the detectives on the case and try listening to the facts. These young men do not exactly have the pasts of angels.” This man is the lowest of the low and I can’t believe he is even being considered to run a country.




Natasha Perkin


  1. Natasha
    Do you know if anyone is organising a black lives matter march in Brighton?

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