TED Talks

Ray Kurzwell – The Accelerating Power of Technology

Seeing how technology is evolving from more of a scientific aspect is as equally shocking and advanced as that of technology in the media and internet. This is introduction of nano-technology proves that in both of the ‘main’ areas where technology is really expanding (science and mobile and the internet) will have evolved so drastically, with the help of these nano-bots, to the point where we will be able to produce anything we may need. His ideology that by “202 computers will disappear” and that they’ll be “so small they’ll be embedded in our clothing, in our environment” is actually quite scary as that prediction only has six years to prevail which seems hard to achieve but when I think about how the revolution of technology has progressed from its inception is unbelievable so it doesn’t seem all that hard to imagine in today’s society.

Suzanne Lee – Grow Your Own Clothes

The process in which Lee makes these clothes is actually quite contradictory to how you would expect them to be built, as this is an example of the growth in technology. There are no machines that aid the process, its all produced organically and naturally with the help of natural resources like the sun, the technological side is all down to the biology behind the technique which is so interesting and the results are absolutely outstanding. With a bit more progress in terms of making the material water resistant will come with time and experimentation with the process but with the progress it has made already in the fashion industry leads me to believe that it will be a rapid discovery and soon we will be able to create whatever we want in the most natural ways.

Clay Shirky – How Social Media Can Make History

The fact that Shirky shines a light on how the Chinese government repress their citizens in terms of social media and filtering their posts is something that I had never been exposed to before which means that their government was doing a very good job. This speaks further about what I have previously mentioned about the idea of privacy in technology and how we have made all of these advances but should we actually depend on it as much as we do as it gives the government direct access to absolutely everything we may produce on a technological device. Social media is very much a dominant force in today’s society and with the introduction of so many apps and ways of communicating I really wander about where it’s going to go next as its already creating a sense of hyper reality.

Keren Elazari – Hackers: the Internet’s Immune System 

This is a topic that I think is vital when talking about technology as its not just about inventions and discoveries in science and the media but about how people have the skills and the talent to be able to force people to make changes and better the world we live in. The mention of the hacker group, “Anonymous” is key to what I wish to explore in my zine, especially with the very well known visual of the ‘Guy Fawkes’ mask as their identifier, as they are responsible for the release of information that shows us what we are shielded from from the government, as we are conditioned to see what they want us to see. When I would watch movies I always thought that the hacker was the ‘coolest’ and always aspired to be like them but what I have learnt from doing research on these groups etc. is that it is hard and they don’t just want to break into things, they want to find the problems in the world so they can force solutions.


Natasha Perkin

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