Mastheads, Straplines & Lock-Ups

Zine Title Mind Map

zine title mind map

I chose to use the title ‘phonedown’ for my zine on technology – focusing on the over-use of mobile phones in particular and how they present a hyper-reality which prohibits people from actually living and just living vicariously through what they see on a screen.

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Using the pen tool on Illustrator is a tool that I have had a bit of trouble with on this software, but I am now much more comfortable with using it after doing the workshop. The lock-up seen above was done using the pen tool to draw my sketched lock-up with using my chosen masthead and strapline for my zine. Creating the ‘Bezier Curves’ is quite difficult but I feel that after using Illustrator more regularly my work will be much cleaner in that respect. On the adjacent page, the first lock-up was created using the ‘Image Trace’ button in the horizontal tool bar at the top of ‘Workspace’ after rasterizing the image. This tool makes Illustrator create the lines for you and from there you can ‘Expand’ the image for further manipulation using the ‘Direct Selection Tool’ which is a really helpful tool to be able to use, and easy too. The remaining two lock-ups were created simply using the ‘Type Tool’, taking a font, which I then layered, changing the background colour in order to create a silhouetted effect that makes it incredibly striking.

Natasha Perkin

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