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Interview magazine’s September 2015 covers featured the work of the phenomenal photography duo Mert & Marcus, whereby the cover stars photographs weren’t taken with high-tech digital cameras with amazing professional lighting but as selfies over FaceTime. This is the first time that this has ever been done which I think speaks volume about how the new wave of technology is definitely a dominant force in today’s society and how people have become so dependent on it that a phone has almost become an extension of a person instead of just a simple device. It’s also the celebrity power that drives the ‘selfie’ to its heights and influences so many followers and admirers to ‘comment’ on it or ‘like’ it on social media, which in turn creates a domino effect. The ‘selfie’ supplies us with the ability to be much more vain that one usually would be – I often wonder if the makers of technology often think they have created a monster.


Famous Selfies

famous selfies

On November 19 2013, Oxford Dictionary announced to the world the word of the year: selfie. Oxford dictionaries editors revealed that the frequency of the word itself in the English language had increased by 17, 000% since the same time in 2012. Since the neologism ‘selfie’ took off it has been used my millions of people – isn’t it crazy how the creation of one word can become a technological phenomenon overnight? And also slightly scary.

These four selfies depict some of the most famous selfies to ever have been taken. Of course the first is the infamous Oscar selfie of 2014, which broke the internet, gaining a jaw dropping 3.3 million, retweets and 2.1 million likes. It’s a picture that is still talked about to this day and known for being the ‘seflie to beat’ as it included so many A-list celebrities – it was the selfie of all selfies. The second image displays a political selfie with the President of the United States, Barack Obama and two scientists Neil deGrasse Tyson and NIll Nye. I find it so weird that this kind of stuff happens in the White House of all places. The third image of course shows all of our favourite people (lol), the Kardashians. With everyday being a ‘selfie day’ in that family and with their insane amount of followers on INstagram being insanely high (over 20 million) it isn’t hard to believe that they’re posts get almost 1 million likes every time which is just crazy. But even back in 2008 Kim was very much in the ‘selfie-mode’ (there just wasn’t another word for it other than vain), as when Khloe Kardashian got arrested for a DUI, as her family were on the way to the jail Kim Kardashian was taking photographs of herself in the car when her mum says something that has become quite a well-known Kardashian quote: “Kim will you stop taking pictures of yourself, you’re sister’s going to jail”. The final selfie shows something very shocking and disturbing. The survivor of a plane crash took a selfie in the water, in a life jacket, with the crashed plane behind him in the background. Taking a selfie after experiencing something like that would definitely be the last thing on my mind. This goes to show just how much technology and the new waves that come with it effect society.

Natasha Perkin

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