Contextualising Awkwardness

As I looked further into ‘awkward’ I realised how many people had looked into the subject through there own mediums. The poetry was one that stuck with me because of it amusing take on the subject. I found a lot of artist had indirectly looked at it when trying to make a very ‘real’ collection or show. It also tied in to a lot of films and tv shows that I had watched. Writers that had tackled looking at teenagers trying to discover there own identity whilst discovering the own quirks. End of the fucking world was one that particularly inspired. The styling of the whole show is amazing as they get everything to be slightly awkward from the font to the clothes. The coming of age films where constantly in the back of mind mind when developing the zine.

First Hand Research

I made every take an awkward survey. This helped me to see how other viewed there own social interactions and to see how people visualised it. From here I was able to create my own style of drawing which I could go on to develop further.


Looking at different types made me realise how important not only the colour scheme was of it but how you had to have an obvious style that ran throughout the zine. As I have decided to make the zine about being awkward I wanted to make a font that was uncomfortable to look at after having designed some fonts I decided that the best thing to do was actually use my own spidery hand writing.

Gallery Visits

The red star over Russia inspired me to look further into collage. I was particular intrigued at looking into using white space much like how they had cut out people out of pictures as to remove them from history. The colour schemes where vibrant and eye catching which made them very rememberable, something that is important in a zine. The main thing I took from the exhibition however was how the illustrations had brought people together. This has become my overall goal within this project, to bring people together through the illustrations. Wether that is by illustration shared experiences or tapping into a group of people that have the same political and social ideas.

Book Binding

Once I got the hang of the book binding class I wanted to look further into what other stitchings I could use. My favourite was the lighting bolt. When looking at my zine I need to be aware of how much of the page will be cut when binding the book together.


I wanted to make this project personal to me. Look at my own identity and how others feel about there own. The spider diagram was the obvious starting point for this. It made me realise the downfalls and peak of my own identity and let me expand my project further.

Research into Illustration

I am mostly exposed to illustrations through instagram. On that platform artist strive to make illustration which are relatable and make you think or make you feel that your flaws are okay. If this was going to be a personal project I need to make my own illustrations relatable to the people that I wanted to view them – my own friends. I looked into artist such as Frances_canon, shuturp and Florencegivenart. I was drawn mostly to Frances_canon’s line drawings. I wanted to use this technique and taken it further in are illustrations lessons at uni


Articles Read


The Basquiat exhibition inspired me to look further into the colour schemes of illustration but also to try and not be to realistic with my drawing. It gave me confidence to not be too particular and be more free flowing in my illustrations. Basquati himself looked a lot at his own identity and how others perceived him. He talks some serious issues in an interesting and sometime light hearted way. I admired his use of words within his painting and wanted to look further into doing this in my own illustrations.

Reflection on New Romantics

The clothes that had been gathered for New Romantics Shoot where brilliant. I think the highlight of the shoot was when the chicken came in to the shoot. On the day that we shot it was actually raining and I think we did a good job to hide this and still make it look professional. The textured background in the shots worked well with the outrageous clothes. I think we also made good use of the colour of jades hair an I was please with the contrast of the red and green. I think in hindsight we should of played on the suburban family a little more and tried to of made them look more house proud and 18th century. My favourite shot from the shoot is defiantly when they are standing in front of the house.