New Romantics Notes

  • Princess Julia
  • Warren street
  • Grayson Perry
  • It wasn’t about being fashionable
  • The blitz was a weekly devil may wear club night run by musician Steve strange
  • Steve Strange
  • It wasn’t about who you where it was how you looked
  • Scarlett
  • Ley Browery – the most outrageous
  • Trojan – Le Browieries side kick
  • Poppers –
  • Hedonism
  • Playing on the gender – everyones having a party and you’d all end up in the same bed
  • 80’s aids
  • Vivienne Westwood helped through the aids/
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Outrageousness
  • Blitz appearances
  • Gender
  • Embodiment of radical change
  • Androgynous style
  • Informal style of the women

New Romantic Research

My first port of call when looking at the new romantics was to look at interviews of some of the Blitz Kids. It gave me an understanding of how important the fashion was to them at the time. It was just about looking cool it was about craftesmanship and effort. Almost the exact opposite of the Brit Pop look. The New Romantics aimed to be more outrageous than the next person often blurring gender lines with expressive makeup. The style was androgynous with celebrities like David Bowie and Boy George being frequent members of the Blitz Club. I went on to take modern spin on the era and started to look at Grayson Perry and Eddie Izard. However for them it is more about who they are than what they are wearing.

A huge part of the scene was also the buffalo kids. Mark Lebon was a huge inspiration to me and iw as able to draw multiple ideas having watched his SHOWstudio interview. 

Having spoken to Chris Sullivan, a big influencer at the time I was able to get an understanding of how it became such a radical change. It was all about being liberated, doing something for yourself – self respect. You had to attend it became a statement of intent.

Brit Pop Concept 2

Taking inspiration from Martin Parr i wanted to capture the things that make the British British. there is a sense of pride in all of Parrs photos and I wanted this to come across. Sticking with the food theme I want to have the shoot set in a English Cafe – perhaps a fish and chip shop. In my opinion Brit Pop is saying ‘fuck you but come and take a seat’. Its the cheeky parallel that I wanted to convey, one the one hand rather depressed but on the other who cares well get through it. I like the idea of have a full english turned into a smiley face with a grumpy looking guy trying to eat it or having an ice cream one someones head. I also want to start playing around with some practical jokes in the shoot. Obviously only ones that are visually interesting perhaps a whoopee cushion. 

Brit Pop Concept 1

Leading up to this shoot i wanted it to in capture everything that is quintessentially British. My first thoughts where to have a shoot with a civilised tea party but to have it obviously on set. I thought this would show how many stereotypes people have of Britain and how we do stick by them to a certain extent yet they are exaggerate and put on a lot for display. Having thought about the tea party and the logistics of it i wanted to try out a different concept. 

I drew a lot of inspiration from the ridiculousness of Tim Walker