Tone of writing

Being dyslexic writing is something that I find very hard to do, however, I enjoy it. To try and get back into writing it has been very important to read some of my favourite writers columns. Vice is very important to look into as I hope to write in a conversational style of writing that is both funny and informative. Talking to people about this subject has been very helpful in informing my work.

Vice articles and books-×5999/so-youve-gone-mad-mad

Satirical writing

For a magazine project last year I wrote satirical articles about being a millennial. For this project, I wanted to write a piece about my subject matter. To get back into writing I have looked back at my old pieces and looked further into satirical writes including Joel Gobly, AA Gill, Caity Wearer, Stewart Lee and Frank O’Hara.

Attached are articles that have inspired me –


Dissertation research cross over

Below is an exhibition space that Betak designed for Felipe Oliveria Baptista. It is called ‘into the brain of Felipe Bapista’. It maximizes hi and low tech technology assembled together that was inspired by the beginning of the movie Brazil. It is made of small LEDs and a camera bought from a market in Shanghai. Although the piece displays 10 years’ worth of work and editorial pieces in reminds me of surveillance. To me, the piece replicates a government workers brain that has exploded to reveal all the secrets of who they have been watching. This piece was a big influence when I first started to look into surveillance. This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

The Cube Idea

I have previously discussed my idea to create a cube out of the headshots from my film and to have the projections suspended from a gallery space. This idea was in response to my dissertation research. The image below shows a fashion show for Hussein Chalyan produced by Alexandre de Betak that depicts a home fire displayed on 4 flat screens in a white box. This show had a minimal budget so it could perhaps be something that I could of achieved. I love how it looks as though the fire is floating. A floating open fire with models walking around it in billowing capes that could easily catch on fire- awkward? Having tested this idea in premiere pro I did not think it was strong enough to take forward.

Looking into working with film

I think film as a medium is incredibly awkward and clumsy. You have no idea how it will end up and it could easily go wrong.  I once did a project on art foundation on film only to get them developed a week before my deadline to find the film was blank as it had been loaded wrong. This process was anxiety-inducing and very awkward to admit to my tutour. The process of scratching into film, I think is also awkward as it feels wrong to deface something like that. Film is something that is not only expensive but a very praised medium, to scratch and put holes through it feels wrong. In an age where everything is photoshopped and ‘Instagram worthy’ film feels like the perfect medium to work with when discussing awkwardness. There is a fragility to it and an honesty that can not be truly discovered with digital prints. I hope to take this medium forward when working on my FMP

Mock up of a space

I have spent the day making a mock-up of an exhibition space. As I have been looking into how people react to situations I thought it would be interesting to make the audience become part of the film. In our day to day lives people often remark to me how they love to ‘people watch’. This is effectively observing people’s mannerisms and interactions as they go about there day to day lives. I noticed that my film was almost an extension of people watching and that perhaps if it was live it would become more interesting. The thought to sit the people within the film on the white blocks was to make them seem as though they were on a plinth in the film. They themselves had become the piece of art. By making the people in the gallery also sit on these plinths it mirrored the film. When participants would go into the next room it would allow them to watch the audience just as how they had watched the film except for this time the audience did not know they where being watched. This would inevitably change how they sat, when no one is looking we slouch more and our mannerisms change. I noticed this when I filmed myself for the film. because I had watched previous people in the experiment I knew what looked interesting. My film therefor looked more forced and calculated, like I was trying to impress the camera almost. This made me think that the others that took part in this exercise must have thought about the camera (admittedly to a less extent) aswell. This point of this gallery space was to observe people completely naturally. I think this is an interesting concept that ties in well with surveillance that could be expanded.

Displaying work

When thinking about displaying the work I really wanted the audience to beomce the installation. I have always been fasincated about minipulating peoples emotions when they are in certain spaces. This seemed like an opertunity to throw people off and see how other people react in certain situations.