Making GIF’s

When starting this project and looking into scratch films I quickly became obsessed with individual frames. How can you control a split second? Chris had recommended I watch the Best Brand Beauty Film which turned out to be by Frank Lebon and a massive inspiration.

The first GIF I made was done by photocopying individual pieces of paper and reprinting. I like how the face slowly faded out the more it is photocopied.

Click the link to see the video – Gif of me

This was my second attempt this time I decided to test out drawing onto the image as I know this is something I want to replicate in my scratch films – I did not perfect this and think it can be done a lot better. The writing I did was perhaps too obvious. I scanned in each image this time and although I think it is still effective, I think the texture and the way the images change with the photocopier is better.

Click the link to see the video – Gif of me 2

My final attempt was trying to mix two people together to find an awkward beauty in there faces. I found that when you leave the scanner up you get a black background which I thought worked well.

‘A deviation from a minor social expectation’ – is the definition of awkward.

Click the link to see the video – Gif Imen

This exercise definitely taught me how to control a frame and the importance of composition.

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