Frank LeBon- Image Maker – Making the mundane looking interesting

I have always been a huge fan of Mark LeBon, Franks’s father. It is quite clear where their styles have met. In my opinion, Franks’s aesthetic has been one of the most popular in the past couple of years as he has made music videos for James Blake, ASAP Rocky, Mount Kimbie and done campings for Nike, Rimowa, Palace and Burberry to name a few. He has a fast pace style of editing which I think is crucial in today’s society where everyone’s attention span is so low. His work has always intrigued me as I have never been able to figure out his technique. It is a mix of handcrafting and digitally editing. This is something that I hope to achieve in the future. Frank is an image-maker and can make the most mundane things look interesting. If I am to use found footage I could well be faced with dull footage which I will then have to turn into a new piece of art.

Below is a picture that was taken by Tyronne LeBon, Franks’s brother of Frank. Tyronne also has a very interesting style that has also influenced my work.

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