Don McCullin: The Stillness of life – Hauser and Wirth

McCullin is a war photographer and therefore there is such a deep sadness in his photographs. However, this exhibition looked at the landscape of Somerset. My parents live in somerset, so to me, this landscape is a very happy place, of fresh air away from London. The juxtaposition of what I see and what McCullin photographs are incredibly interesting as they are so, so different. Obviously, McCullin has been affected by his past but it is fascinating to see how people react to the same thing.

When trying to emote people how much of how they feel about your piece is down to the piece or down to their past experiences – and does it matter?

I think as long as they feel something then you have done your job as an artist well.

McCullin’s use of bold lines is extraordinary and when scratching onto film I think it would be interesting to trace his lines to form abstract shapes.

I could film the countryside of somerset from my viewpoint and scratch in McCullins lines from his viewpoint. That could be very interesting?

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