Cinema 4D Workshop – Continuing the VR idea.

To carry on thinking into my VR idea, I have spoken to the Tech Hub and they have pointed me in a few directions. I have started looking into Unity Software teaching myself on LinkedIn Learning. I have always struggled to learn new software so this has been a bit of a challenge. It is a very slow long process but as I have always said the process in my work is part of the experience and the awkward nature of the project.

I went to a Cinema 4D lecture and started to gain a basic understanding of the software. This lecture was just an introduction however I still do not feel confident to use this software on my own and so there is a second lecture where we will be able to use the software ourselves. This could be a good opportunity for me to move my VR idea forward.


Immersive Virtual Reality Idea

I have been thinking more about how to display my work. I have always been interested in contradictions and juxtaposition. As my work is very practical I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if I propelled it into a more digital realm. I think it would be a great concept if my films were in a VR headspace and appeared and disappeared at different times in different sizes and distances. This would hopefully be very disorientating as you would be constantly made to look in different directions and would not be given the time to concentrate on something for too long adding to the awkward nature of my films. As I researched the last term physically being in the VR world and having the VR headset on is a very uncomfortable experience as you are aware that people are watching. If for example, you are having a sword fight in the virtual world, to you it looks highly realistic whereas to everyone else it looks as though you are randomly waving your arms around an empty room – this can be emabrissing – trust me.

Every aspect of this idea ticks the boxes that I am trying to achieve.

Immersive, Awkward, Anxiety inducing, Taking over emotions, Taking people outside of their comfort zone, taking myself outside my comfort zone.

Below is a test of how I imagined on a very basic level the VR world would look. The movement on this video is controlled by a mouse however with the VR, this would be controlled via your head movements.

Click this link –  VR mock up

John Emmony

John Emmony is a digital artist and art director. Looking at his work inspired me to make my own digital collages. I have been looking for ways to develop my films further. They already have a very layered element to them so I wanted to almost strip that back and first make them flatter. I played around zooming in on different elements and then also experimented with different opacities. Although this was satisfactory I thought that they were now too flat and needed to be developed further. As I have always prefered working with my hands I wanted to get out of the computer again and reverse the flattening process. I noticed that each layer in the collage was more interesting on its own so wanted to strip it back down and make a 3D collage where each individual layer could be appreciated. The result was very interesting and I think would look amazing enlarged. I made the decision to put a mirror on the roof and floor meaning that the light bounced around and almost played with each individual layer. This was a concept that could be taken for the final exhibition and should be delved into further.

Images were taken from ‘Beachball’ by me.

3D collage –

Saving Footage

I am new to both after effects and premiere pro and have found it interesting and challenging playing around with the software. Having looked back at my films and had feedback on them it became clear that some needed to be edited – either edited at a faster pace or made shorter. Unfortunately, when I went back to edit them I had obviously saved the filed wrong, I now realize you have to save all the components of the film in the same place. This was an irritating hickup that I can work around however it is a good lesson to learn.


I want to make sure that my next films I make a good narrative that goes through them. In order to do this, I asked multiple people questions on there fears and anxieties. Some of the main keys themes that came out where peoples worries about money, people dying and the future. A lot of the ideas where also quite funny and it would be interesting to see if I could add a level of humour into the films without it becoming crass.

As always the films are very personal and so I looked into my own anxieties. I even did a test which profiles your insecurity. The questions that they asked where incredibly interesting – below are some examples of them.

This sort of research is incredibly helpful when thinking about my films as it gives me an understanding of how other people might feel.

Although I believe the test that I did to be inaccurate it was still interesting to find out what the algorithms thought of me.

Below are the results and this websites definition of anxiety –

Exposure Therapy

I have found the process of making these films to be quite therapeutic which is not something I expected when I first started this project. It led me to think whether doing them has been in a way a sort of exposure therapy. I have started looking into this concept more. If I put targeted issues into my films that I know are anxiety-inducing and then made people sit and watch them could this become a weird backwards way of exposure therapy. Obviously, this would have to be a long process done over a long period of time but it could be an interesting strand to look into.

Below are some articles that have helped in the research –


Displaying the films – Trevor Paglen @ Barbican

Whilst I have been waiting for the film to arrive I have explored how I can present the films, looking into artist ULF Pederson and The Light Surgeon. Both artists transform a space in a live set of visuals that become completely immersive. As my whole project is about emotion it is important that I take control of people’s emotions when they watch the films and that also means taking control o the space that they are in.

I have to think about the five senses and how I can use them to my advantage.

The Trevor Paglen exhibition was very inspiring in the sense of how to display my films. The whole show was very overpowering and in your face. To see so many different screens was very intense and in that way very effective. I think it would work well if I was to show my films on multiple different screens in one room. It would be very overpowering and I think very effective.

More Footage

It has been incredibly difficult to find more footage so it has become clear that I will need to buy some more. Irritatingly this will hold up my work however as the footage has to come from America and I have no footage to work in the meantime. I really want to be able to shoot my own 16mm footage however grande parade do not own one, Edward Street will not let me borrow theirs and they are incredibly expensive to buy. This means that buying found footage is 100% necessary for me to move on with this project.

Misophonia and Anxiety

When trying to research sounds for the film, I wanted people to feel awkward when listening to it. I know some sounds effect me in very weird ways such chalk on a chalkboard, however, this is a pretty common one. The more I researched around this topic the more I found out how so many sounds can be completely intolerable to some people – there is more information on this in my sketchbook.

Below are two articles that have effected my research drastically.