Looking back at my work it has become clear to me that everything I have done has been very ‘real’.  When looking at the subject of awkward it was imperative that I did not lie or try to cut corners. The more authentic the work was or in fact, the more mistakes I made would make the work more real and therefore awkward.  This is why looking back I do not think the medium of VR was a good idea as there was no space for mistakes. Computer software can be unforgiving and it does not make space for the beauty of human error. This is why the format of film is so perfect for this topic.

The majority of the work I have done has taken on a physical format where I can imagine people interacting with the work and hopefully developing real raw emotion. The exhibition spaces seem very honest much like the films that would be in them. The more honest and ‘real’ the work is the more likely I am to be able to play with people’s emotions and let them discover what awkward means to them.

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