How does writing inform my practise?

I am happy with the article although I think that it could be longer and be more in-depth. At the moment it is a take on awkward and moving forward I would like to perhaps turn it into a series of articles that could become a newspaper.

It was important to me to bring humour into my work as awkward and humour have such a large cross over. When researching some of my favourite comedians and writers I found that a lot of them hide behind humour to deflect their awkwardness. An article seemed like the perfect way to tie all of my pieces of work together. Looking into my final project this could become a press piece for the exhibition or a hand out once you are there, Or it could take form in a completely different entity.

I enjoyed writing this piece at the end of the project it allowed me to collate all my findings and thoughts around the subject into one piece.

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