Looking into working with film

I think film as a medium is incredibly awkward and clumsy. You have no idea how it will end up and it could easily go wrong.  I once did a project on art foundation on film only to get them developed a week before my deadline to find the film was blank as it had been loaded wrong. This process was anxiety-inducing and very awkward to admit to my tutour. The process of scratching into film, I think is also awkward as it feels wrong to deface something like that. Film is something that is not only expensive but a very praised medium, to scratch and put holes through it feels wrong. In an age where everything is photoshopped and ‘Instagram worthy’ film feels like the perfect medium to work with when discussing awkwardness. There is a fragility to it and an honesty that can not be truly discovered with digital prints. I hope to take this medium forward when working on my FMP

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