Creating the event

The Venue –

The event would be held at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London.Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, the contemporary gallery sits in a restored 1805 munitions depot. The building is not only sophisticated but also ties in the old meeting the new in beautiful sculptural forms. It shouts TINT in every way shape and form. The building would be lit on the outside with bright neon lights hitting the white curved walls as if it was being splashed by colour.  

The table –

The whole table and cutlery would be white with only the neon light down the centre lighting the room. This will illuminate guests faces meaning that when a photograph is taken a glare will be put over the camera. This therefor will become a recognisable image that will gain interest hence creating ore brand awareness. Every photograph with have a tint! 

Eating –

On entering the event you will be handed a Touchstone Margarita. You will then be served a colourful meal of sushi. The neon of the beetroot and carrot contrasted with the white of the rice is the perfect meal for TINT. They will sit perfectly on the white place setting. For dessert guest will be served with mocha balls which although have a pastel colour at first glance inside lies a neon coloured treat. 

Entertainment –

Lorde has been a style icon for nearly over 5 years now as we have watched her transform from goth to Givenchy. She is the perfect person to represent TINT because she has proven how to rock a colour and still look sophisticated and elegant. She also represent the felinity in a sticking way saying that she is ‘trying to fight for better conditions and better treatment of all women, whether that be trans women or women of colour or women in professions that don’t typically get a lot of respect.”  



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