Ideas Testing

For the actual shoot I knew that I  wanted to have a transformation within the photograph. I wanted to have a prefect image and then an image that had been slightly altered with a splash of colour.

Originally I did not want the photograph to have any actual clothing init because if you are a Celine customer you already know what the brand represents.

However I came away form that idea and have now come to the conclusion that a recognisable staple of Celine is a white shirt and therefor I would like to incorporate a stack of white shirts

Gallery Visits

When researching for this project I visited the TATE and saw Picassos 1932 collection. The vast amount of work he had produced over this year was extraordinary. His use of colour was inspiration. Every colour was so well thought out to produce a different mood and tone. I tot me into thinking about what colours meant to us and how we reacted to them. this would be vital in my campaign.

I later on went and visited the Photographers Gallery where I looked at Undercover a secret history of crossing dressers. Here I explored the underground world of cross dressing and how difficult it was for them to be accepted. What they where doing was so simple yet to frowned upon. I like the way that though the photographs you could se how easily they where expressing themselves. There was an underlying beautiful simplicity to it that I admired.


What does Celine represent?

Celine represents a type of women who is sophisticated and successful.The look is very tailored and put together and this should come across in the advertising. Celine does seem like an untouchable brand however I would like to make it more accessible to a younger generation. The brand is expensive and so therefor would still have to be marketed at people with a disposable income. Phoebe Philo often loves to work with artist and has collaborate with photographer Jurgen Teller for many of there campaigns. I like the idea of collaborating with an artist and have looked in to artists such as Anish Kapoor and Barba Hepworth. They are two artist that look closely at colour and shape two things that are close to Celine’s heart.   

Brand Analysis

I started looking at three different brands – Celine, Vetements and Cos.

I liked the simplistic nature of Cos but like the edge that Vetments brought. I wanted to look in to what would happen if you combined the two? Maybe you could reach a young sophisticated subbrand of Celine?

After looking at the different ad campaigns I realised that the ones that where the most effective where the most simplistic ones. these where easy to read and comprehend. This is the route that I will take further.


Meaning of Colour

I want to have one colour at the forefront of my campaign so have been looking into what the different colours represent. I knew that I wanted to have it contracting with the white and so therefor have looked at having a neon colour. Orange seemed to fit the criteria the most as this is the most welcoming and happy. The brand should be feel good and uplifting.

World Around Us

There is a lot going on at this point in time in the media. There is a lot of depressing things that are happening such as gun violence and sexual harassment however out of this has come a lot of good campaigns. For example the Times up movement. This has been the most publicise because of it association to Hollywood. However no matter what the moment is a symbol and colour is usually put next to it. This might be a pin or a white rose of the red carpet or the LGTBQ flag. This is what go me thinking of colour and how effective it can be.