This whole project has been so personal to me and my friends. Being awkward it something that every teenager goes through no matter who they are or what background they come from. I have enjoyed talking to friends and sharing different funny experiences with one and other. It has made us all realise how everyone goes through the exact same thing. What I loved about this zine is that it makes people laugh and quite often makes them tell a funny awkward story as they look through it. People of every generation look at it and they are reminded of a time or place, there a certain sense of nostalgia to it. I am happy with the way that the background came out. Every one make my teeth feel weird or certainly makes my skin crawl. I think it was a good way to tie in the illustrations and the images together. I think naming the zine ‘moist’ was to make sure that every part of the zine had a slight repulsion to it yet had a carefully balanced intrigue. Over all I am happy with the way the zine turned out. I have learnt so much from it, not just from learning different techniques on photoshop but also how people perceive themselves. If we stop being so English for a second we can see how everyone goes through the same experiences.

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